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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sauza Hornitos and other Tekillya & Jagermeister stories

Sauza The Wizard thinks it's number 1 in the USA, not because of my many trips to Mexico in the 70s , which I returned applauding Modelo Negra beer but the replacement of Jose Cuervo Gold as my favorite tequila shooter or sipper shot by Sauza Hornitos , back then only the version made with lime had that name , its label looked like the 2 middle bottles in the pic , but with green colors in it ! I believe their new bottle design did it !!
But I still know I can prove that in New Orleans Dutch , Freak and I at Fritzels on Bourbon St. , made J├Ągermeister the the most dangerous and dreaded name in the world of shooters !!!!!
The importer Sydney Frank & Son , checked up on me in my Steamboat Springs days of Giovanni's Ristorante !!!

After he asked Dutch at Fritzels if I was one of the three guys responsible for its boom in the USA! He spent well at Dinner but started sending me lots of free Jagerstuff !! Wish I could get him to send me one of these coolers , that'd really be cool !!!!!

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