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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friends , Romans and Countrymen lend me your vote now or some money later !

We elder citizens need to do our part and need some help from you younger friends , that will be in this same situation, sooner then you ever want !

Most seniors can't survive on the modest and meager sum they receive now....please help make sure this don't happen !

Senior Citizens , even me , had parents who paid into the system and never saw a dime , or very little back at last.....see we are the LOVE generation , so stop pissing are money away on WAR !!! But dare not let them cut something , that's already so low , people can barely afford their medicine and medicinal pot !!!

Thank you again for taking action to keep Social Security strong.

But we urgently need more petition signatures! Please take a moment to forward the message below to your friends and family.

I cannot stress how important it is that we protect Social Security – not just for today's retirees, but for future generations.

Barry Jackson

P.S. After you forward the message below, please help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.


Dear friend,

Did you know that Washington is considering unfairly targeting Social Security benefits for cuts?

Social Security didn't cause the budget deficit, so our retirement shouldn't be put at risk to fix it!

I just signed AARP's petition to protect Social Security and keep it strong for generations to come. Please click on the link below to join me – it will only take a minute.

Thanks for standing with me to keep Social Security strong.

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