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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bangkok:Colored Shirt Fatigue Ignites Nude Farang Protest

By Felix Lynn

BANGKOK: -- A group of naked foreigners dubbed the “no shirts,” have been rounded up by Bangkok police after they streaked nude down Sukhumvit Soi 4 yesterday in protest over the stalemate between the Red Shirts and the yellow shirted backed government.

“We love Thailand! We love Thai people! But we hate the color of their shirts, be they red or be they yellow,” shouted one of the portly streakers as chuckling Thai police dragged his naked form off the pavement.

The spontaneous protest of some 50 foreigners erupted after a group of drunk German tourists, swaggering from the balcony of the infamous Nana Plaza beer bar the Cathouse, inspired and rallied other Europeans and North Americans to strip and run naked down the street.

Witnesses heard chants of “no shirts! No shirts!” Others reported hearing variations of ‘I’m hot. I’m naked. And I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Earlier, the Germans had returned to Nana Plaza after attempting a sight-seeing tour that was delayed and eventually cancelled due to continuing protests around the city. They began to drink and in their drunken disappointment at not seeing the reclining Buddha, led a fierce protest out of the popular Bangkok nightspot.

The anti-government Red Shirts have taken to the streets twice in the last year. Their protests followed the sustained Yellow Shirt protest that brought down the former government.

One streaker who evaded capture by the Thai police said, “It’s time tourists, expats, and poverty packers voiced their displeasure at Thailand’s political situation. I feel like I am trapped in a go-go bar with a girl who is ready to go and nobody wants to collect my barfine.”

A spokesman from the Thai Culture Ministry, Boonlert Weng, said, “The Nana Entertainment Plaza is no place for foreigners to run naked and free. Foreigners should know Thai culture strictly forbids nakedness and nudeness and respect should be the order.”

Asked if his annoyance had anything to do with the fact that the majority of the nude foreign protesters were old, fat, and mostly bald, Somchai said, “Well, I don’t know.”

Police said each would be slapped with fines totaling whatever they had in their wallets.

No word as yet if the protests will continue.

first the moderators and now this???Will it never end.?

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