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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nola Cuisine » Blog Archive » Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

Nola Cuisine » Blog Archive » Sazerac Cocktail Recipe A Central Grocery Muffelatta lead me to this recipe, I commented this story on it ...The Wizard felt an injustice to a Cocktail's true taste was tainted by some Yankees ( I know I'm a NYC guy ! ) but I learned in New Orleans how to mak'em for my boss , Jim Monoghan(RIP) at Molly's at the Market - Irish Pub on Decatur St. , since he sold Molly's to a Waiter named Allan , who stole the money from Monoghan in the first place , to to make a down payment for Molly's , he had a few bill books made to look exactly like the bar's books and nobody but yours truly knew it , but by then no one really cared for some strange reason also read this comment , I sent this blogger !
M comment:
I beg to differ on use of rye whiskeys being used over good southern bourbon in a Sazerac Cocktail , I tended bar in the French Quarter in the '70's , before that I was one of the first bartenders when Virginia legalized spirits by the glass in restaurants ....but my best learning experience came in Greenwich Village , NYC at then famous nightclubs "Your Father's Mustache" (later I worked at the NO club on Bourbon St.) and Trudy Heller's but the bartender experience started as a Cook at the Riviera Cafe ( still there today )Watching the guys at the Riv assert all the traits of what a good barman should be ; a dilettante , jack of all trades , entertainer and biz card said those traits and was done by American Calligrapher Master , Mr.Ward Dunham , now of SF,Ca.A regular bartender only one nite a week at Enrico's on Broadway too, one of the great bars & restaurants in America owned by Enrico Venducci (RIP) (former owner of "tHe HuNgrY i ",where Bill Cosby & The Smothers Bros. got starts) So , now that I've given my references please edit your post to address this as your recipe...the lemon peel is a whole lemon peeled curling around rested on the rim after rimming with peel ! Just kidding but true recipe is good bourbon , you'd put rye in a MINT JULEP ??? !!!

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