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Friday, May 22, 2009

America Gets It Wrong: Kris Allen Wins 'Idol' - Reality Rocks#postcomment#postcomment

America Gets It Wrong: Kris Allen Wins 'Idol' - Reality Rocks

From The Wizard's friend (AE) Santa in Phuket....
I'm making my list of all those people who really got this wrong , for the wrong reason ! Santa also thought Allison deserved to be there...both ADAM & Allison will still have careers , I too think bigger then Kris....I also would like to say the JUDGES SAVE , Santa believes may have screwed both Adam and Allison ,with Danny's spot also influenced by the save later....It was a entertaining show finale , more Top13 participation then previous shows ( most likely to get ready for the tour earlier too! ) Speakin' of TOP13 , what a wise move to add #13 ( especially with "Slumdog Millionaire's'sucess at that time)
Did everyone see Simon's disappointment in Kris's name being announced as Winner of AMIDOL '09

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