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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you know who is in the highest position in the World?

Who do you think it is ?

China's Premier? No!

Ex-President George Bush? NO!

President Barack Obama? NO!

UN Secretary General? NO!

Pope Benedict? NO!

Russia's Putin? No!

Wonder No Longer...

Babu Sassi, a fearless young man from southern India is the cult hero of Dubai's army of construction workers. Known as the "Indian on the top of the world", Babi is the crane operator at the world's tallest building , the 819-meter Burj Dubai. His office, the cramped crane cab perched on top of the Burj, is also his home. Apparently it takes too long to come down to the ground each day to make it worthwhile. When the building is completed, its elevators will be the world's fastest. Stories about his daily dalliance with death are discussed in revered terms by Dubai's workers. Some say he has been up there for more than a year, others whisper that he's paid 30,000 dirhams ($8,168) a month compared with the average wage of 800 dirhams a month. All agree he's worth it.


Talk about " A Question of Balance"....I hope this guy wears a parachute...if anyone remembers in some past movies , American Indians doing construction work in very high places , were always portrayed as the no-fear of heights specialists....well here's an India Indian whose really freakin' amazin'& Nuts !!!!

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