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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to The Sal Vitale for President WebSite

Donations for the SAL 4 Prez Campaign , can be made at either Donate Buttons on this site !!!

SAL VITALE on the Campaign trail , can be found at 3 Sheets to the Wind...BTW , if you aren't up onPolitics , that's SAL in Blue & White , The Wizard in R,W&B , the former Representative from the State of Conn......a ex-Iranian spy of un-known whereabouts , to his right or wrong !!!
Click here :
Welcome to The Sal Vitale for President WebSite The Wizard knows , exactly what position SAL VITALE has taken on many issues that the other candidates , tend to veer ...away from...Like he does whatever he can to give foriegn aid to those suffering from losses of cows or oxen....his latest efforts on behalf of our strongest ally in the Pacific Rim arena , to help educate their college age students....Yes, I'm throwing all my weight behind My Pal SAL ! 4Pres in '08.....I give all my supporters of my write in vote , to swing-over to My Pal SAL !!!!!

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