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Friday, May 16, 2008

Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall Mexican Style drink recipe

Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall Mexican Style drink recipe The Wizard hadn't thought of this in a long time , since it dates back to '71 to '73 as Ifigure , when I tried my hand at acting , along the story , it' s a comment The Wizard made at this bartending link above.....
5/16/08 BB

It does not matter to me if you believe this or not , the people that were there know it and my friends I've partied with all over the world , they'd tell you it was true too!! .....So while working at the Tidewater Dinner Theater in Norfolk , Virginia in early 70's, besides acting , I was also head night during "Promises , Promises" ( I was typecast as a B'klyn,NY cabbie , cause I was from there ) Well, some guest at the show requested something different...she came to the bar to ask me , she was really so sticky sweet but fine lookin' I jokingly blurrted under my breath " You need a "Slow comfortable screw up against the Wall"! To my suprise she caught it and said ," Ill take it" Matter fact she had quickly turned the tables on there in front of the young lady , all I did was create what I uttered.....Sloe (Gin) Comfortable ( southern style) screw ( good Vodka & good OJ) up against the Wall ( Harvey you still a Wallbanger ? ) There were a few other suggestions like for ingredients , afterwards; but I never changed it ......and always suggested it to people ( mostly ladies ) who didn't know what they wanted.....until San Francisco legendary Calligrapher & Barman , Ward Dunham created a Flaming Savage Motherf***er At Enrico's Cafe ( I think I helped ) Enrico also a legendary club & restauranteur had Ward as its resident

barkeep & Thug also ! I hope he still has that on his business card......but that was another day in the life !

Now to add to this and its another story, so I'm on one of my babblin' rolls of connecting those crazy dots that lead from one story to another....remember , I don't know if you enjoy worthless knowledge or not .... but I like it , ooops ! Time to re-download....I'll post it in order I hope....!!!

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