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Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Orleans Brass Band - The Storyville Stompers - Traditional Dixieland Jazz Brass Band

The Wizard's favorite New Orleans Brass Band , it doesn't hurt that I'd sing a song or two with them....I met them after I had left New Orleans... in Steamboat Springs , Colorado...I booked them as a favor for my old departed friend ,boss & King ....Jim Monoghan of Molly's at the Market....who I posted a few lines about earlier in this month....I hope I get a Jazz Funeral from my buddies of Your Father's Mustache band in Denver....they got to ship me their from here in Thailand....I wanna be buried Down By The Riverside , Where The Mountain Is High and the Valley Is urn for The Wizard....back to life....they got some music to hear at the site.....if you visit NO check out Molly's at the Market , Jim Jr. should know where or when they might be jammin'......!!!!!

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