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Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol: Official FOX Site

American Idol: Official FOX Site As The Wizard predicted David has won this year's AI , Cook that is ! The finalewas great one of the best ever , I enjoyed great performances by Donna Summer , Gladys Night & some new PIPS ( Ben Stiller,Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. )....I missed the first 30 minutes , so I hope I didn't miss any great artists....Now if you watched the previous night's show , we heard Simon give his opinion that Young David had won the night and here's what I believe he did......He said that in order for the Simon haters to go vote the opposite way , I believe and so does Simon by his comments on the finale , when it wouldn't matter what he said , he apologized to David Cook for his comments the previous night and declaring he favored either finalist to win....So The Wizard has laid out to the net , Simon Cowell gives his kiss of death endorsement to Young David , So David Cook can win !!!!!

PS. The first 30minutes is on again ( great here in Asia how shows are repeated , in the USA , I guess you need Tivo , I think

that's what they call it....Mike Meyer's does a great comic takeoff on THE LOVE GURU......maybe he's comin' out with this title as a new flick.....!!!

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