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Monday, April 28, 2008

We Didn't Start The Fire

We Didn't Start The Fire The link connects to Billy Joel's song with photos matching the fires in the world the USA made a difference in....and because of W , everyone is badmouthing Americanos....what would the World be like today , without the Good Old USA.....Right or Wrong ???.....the truth be told , the World would be a much darker place , then it is , almost ! anyway !! already !!!

I realize , some may say this is Hollywood Movie & TV plots.....but EVIL is gaining strength , using the name of GOD to accomplish deeds so horrific , how can any True Believer of Good & Evil possibly think , that no matter what faith you are a believer in , that the freedoms that many our forefathers died for , so that we their children and our children's children and beyond , could enjoy !!! Well those and alot more are at stake ! when Evil Ideas are being claimed as acts of Martyrdom by indoctrinated or angry people , who once were basically good decent people , who are told by these false prophets that their lot in life , even if good is sometimes punished for that and that America is the devil !

Everybody put down guns , we'll leave quickly !......Just like many Evil Axis' before in time ( People who wish to enslave the world....but not with Love & Peace !!), first comes the BAD IDEAS , next violent acts and sooner then you'll be able to think it over.....something effects your life....say like the present world food crisis.....People make 9/11 as the day that changed the World ......Katrina was the Storm that showed folks that even the USA wasn't ready to deal with Catastrophic events , TSUNAMI showed us how much the World's population are connected......again people of all nations were affected , either dying or trying to help.....So until your humanity is wiped out of your DNA and your a big fan of Spud Beer , " The Beer for People Who Can't taste the difference !"

it once was said " Evil can only exist , if good people do nothing about it " LOVE & PEACE - BB

The Moment that changes the World.....We should all pray !!! It will only be a Good one......the choice of all good people ! ! ! ! ! The Wizard of R&R

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