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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Days with Dad-Intro

Days with Dad :

My Dad was one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet , he also was a Big man , not as big as his son would turn out to be.....but even back in last century's 1950 decade , 300 lbs. , meant you were a big person ! Today it just seems like more people have gone over the 300 lb. mark due to their dietary habits , in other words , 400lbs. today is yesteryear's 300lbs. You know , just like today's 60 year olds are like mid 40's folks way back in the last Millenium !

So forget all that crap.....I have no idea why I tried to go into weight and age , next thing I'll be talkin' about know what I mean ? Not so long ago 6ft. 3in. was a Tall person , but with all those basketball players , it don't seem it is true anymore....hey I thought you'd have stopped me on how high I amm, Oops , I mean tall !!!

After I wrote this little post on my Pop , I saved it , that was about 6 months ago....if any one knows where these 2 old barber chairs are from , my Pop had a nightmarish occurence involving this barber shop a long time ago....and when I wrote the above about my dad , I didn't realize it was on that days anniversary.....but first let's see if any of you guys know or care where they're from !!!

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