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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Amazing Honda Ad

Amazing Honda Ad> Subject: Amazing British Honda Commercial Video
There are NO computer graphics or digital tricks in the film you are about to see. Everything you see really happened in real time, > > > exactly> as > > > you> see it. The film required 606 takes. On the first 605 takes, something, > > > usually very minor, didn't work. They would then have to set the > > > whole thing up again. The crew spent weeks shooting night and day. > > > By the time it was over, they were ready to change professions The film cost 6 million dollars and took three months to complete, > > > including a full engineering of the sequence. In addition, it's two > > > minutes long> so> > > every time Honda airs the film on British television, they're > > > shelling> out> > > enough dough to keep any one of us in clover for a lifetime. > > > However, it> is> > > fast becoming the most downloaded advertisement in Internet history.> Honda executives figure the ad will soon pay for itself simply in > > > "free"viewing. (Honda isn't paying a dime to have you watch this> > > commercial!) When the ad was pitched to senior executives, they signed off on it > > > immediately without any hesitation -- including the costs There are six and only six handmade Accords in the world. To the > > > horror> of> > > Honda engineers, the filmmakers disassembled two of them to make the> film. Everything you see in the film (aside from the walls, floor, ramp, > > > and complete Honda Accord is parts from those two cars. The voice-over at the end is Garrison Keillor. When the ad was > > > shown> to > > > Honda> > > executives, they liked it and commented on how amazing computer> graphics> > > have gotten. They fell off their chairs when they found out it was > > > for real. Oh ... about those funky windshield wipers: On the new Accords, > > > the windshield wipers have water sensors and are designed to start> functioning> > > automatically as soon as they become wet. It looks a bit odd in > > > the commercial. As amazing as this is, the commercial is actually > > > based on an earlier film from the 1970s called "How Things Move" by> > > > two Swiss self-destructing artifacts artists. Some sharp-eyed folks claim that tires rolling UPHILL necessarily> require> > > computer-generated effects. Not so. The sequence where the tires > > > roll up a slope looks particularly impressive but is very simple. > > > There is a> weight> > > in each tire and when the tire is knocked, the weight is displaced > > > and> in > > > an> > > attempt to rebalance itself, the tire rolls up the slope.
It is really cool ,The Wizard got motion .....!!!!

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