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Friday, January 27, 2006

Jimmy Barnes - The Official Web Site

Jimmy Barnes - The Official Web Site Now alot of people may not have ever heard of Jimmy Barnes......The Wizard hadn't really until I came to if your Aussie or pretty much anywhere there is an Aussie presence , more then likely you will have....Remember the Michael Keaton movie "Gung-Ho" , if you saw that you heard JimmyBarnes singin' the song "Workin' Class Man" ....Okay don't wreck your brain trying to remember it !
The Wizard being a big fan of Soul Music highly recommends this Artist especially his "Soul Deep" don't get me wrong , all of his stuff is good and Rocks , try to find Greatest Hits of COLD CHISEL , this band really were and still are a big name Down Under.....Ok , just went to Amazon and they got COLD CHISEL Best of , it's an import , so a little costlier , but its Classic stuff so go to my link , all the way at the bottom , so I make a far I've had the link there for a year , I got a financial report today , The Wizard has $.80 cents in commissions ! Damn , they ain't sendin' a check yet !
So do yourself a favor , grab some Barnsey music , that's his wife and daughter in the pix ( his wife is Thai ) !!!

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