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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bump !!
JibJab.comWell these guys are at it again ! The Wizard urges all the JibJabbers out there , to check out my Joke Box entries....if your not a member yet , maybe you'd like to join , this latest fun time has JibJabbers loading up our Jokes to our own Joke Box Page , the guys also have offered a $5,000 prize (read the rules at the site for more info). The Wizard won a gift certificate last month on Face-Off , but this one would get me to a dentist and a full physical for The Wizard .
The other cool thing is I get to let you see some really funny videos along with some other funny shit , that I can't post here....I'll most likely be bumping this post up every few days , hoping for my readers to join and click on my Joke Box page. So that's the whole shebang...take a look if you like !!!!!

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