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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The White House

Department of Political discourse from the White House

In our political party, we will accomplish our promises.

Only morons can believe that

we won't fight against corruption.

Because something is certain for us:

honesty and transparency are fundamental to achieve our goal.

We will demonstrate that is very stupid to believe that

the mafia will be part of the government as in the past.

We can guarantee, beyond any doubt that

social justice will be the main goal of our mandate.

Even though, there are people stupid enough to imagine

that we could carry on governing

with old political trickery

When we will be in power, we will do everything to make sure that

privileged situations and influential traffic will be put to an end.

We won't permit in any way that

our children starve to death.

We will accomplish our intentions, even if

our economy will go down the drain

we will use the power until

you will understand that from now on

we represent the "New Politics of George W. Bush."


Now, read again this text, line by line, but start from the bottom line going up to the first.

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