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Friday, September 02, 2005

Wonkette - Ray Nagin for President, Anderson Cooper for Secretary of Take No Shit

Wonkette - Ray Nagin for President, Anderson Cooper for Secretary of Take No Shit
THE WIZARD posts many stories of his magical ( for me they were the good times of youth....and many were on magic mushrooms too !!! ) days in N'awlins !
So it's with a very sad feeling that this post is being written. One of the most cultural contributing cities in the USA and the World , is suffering a terrible calamity , and while it may take years before this city might ever return to its former state , its buildings can be restored and re-built.....but life cannot be !!
The Wonkette link refers to a couple of stories I happened to catch on CNN this afternoon. One was of a mayor expressing his anger towards political forces not getting off their asses fast enough to help save lives in his city. He expressed this in a radio interview and he sounded really pissed off , I was deeply moved by his frustration!!!
The other story was CNN Correspondent Cooper Anderson talking with La. Senator Landrieu.( Former mayor Moon's daughter ). It would have been just another reporter's interview but for Anderson being a human being who was angry at the failure of his fellow Americans ( you noticed I didn't say fellow humans instead , 'cause there is some doubts I have on many people's humanitariaism at this time ) to come to the aid of the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It was a real heartlifting experience , to see a reporter lose his focus on his interview , and just speak what most people affected by this tragedy would probably say , given the chance !
As many who read the Wizard's ramblings know , I live in Phuket , Thailand where the tsunami caused destruction and loss of life. One thing out of all these tragedies , that befall mankind , is that the aid needed to help the victims never seems to get to them soon enough . It was understandable during the tsunami because of the vastness of the catastrope. Now the area affected in the gulf states of the USA maybe large and the focus on New Orleans may not seem fair to some while there are other highly damaged areas ; but this was the country who had emergency services ready and waiting for the terrible disasters that mother nature deals out to her children . Who by the way haven't been treating mom to well , these last few hundred years ! So why is it taking so long......why are they shooting at the air evac choppers.....WHHHHYYYYY, that's it for now.....I send my prayers to all my N.O. friends and to all in the BIG EASY !
Link on and catch the Mayor's interview and Cooper's fall into being just like one of us !!!
P.S. SPEND THE IRAQ WAR MONEY ON NEW ORLEANS AND ALL OF THE AREAS AFFECTED BY's your excuse to get the hell out of BAGHDAD...Mr. President !!!!!

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