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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Below some impostors trying to blend in among the diggers !

Paraphenalia of one sect of the pickers.....this will probably lead to the addiction and contraction of their cover "a summer cold"!!
Two leaders of the movement trying a picker-up maneuver.....she's refusing to pick either !!

KISS PICKERS.....above and below....2 pickers that look like old friends , ex-wife Ellen and YFM band vocalist Mary....could they be using music to spread their hideous habits !!!
Pickers trying to look inconspicuous !!
The beginning was way before this leader from the French Evolutionary period.....where men turned into froggs....Plunk your Magic......see that post further on down the road !
They have a web-site......

THE WIZARD , has an earlier posting on this page called PLUNK YOUR MAGIC TWANGER FROGGY ! Low and behold more research into this cultish-fiendish-fetish reveals a good chance it has been practiced for centuries and they have come out of their closets or shall I say Nasal Passages , and even carry on at conventions.
A number of pix to help you to identify the types of leaders and followers , sothat you will not be confusing them with the musically oriented pickers , Be on the lookout they may pick anywhere and at anytime , without any warning. Some are known to injest their excavation , causing nausea to some , and fooling others into a sense of hilarity , where they are forced to create a motherlode of the hidden treasure of .......yes you'll succumb with tears rolling down your cheeks.....the invasion is growing !!!

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