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Saturday, July 30, 2005


When he buys condoms at the pharmacy,he has the pharmacist put'em on his bill !!!
The SWAKE.....SEEN IN THE ABOVE PIC.....Is just one of the mutations as a result of the Avian flu virus........below another case where a well known Cat had a case of the bird flu after reportedly eating some bad parrot and engaging in some cross specie and possibly gender l'amor with an animal resembling a feline but with a white stripe down its back ;which our Cat mistook for a birthmark ! He meowed that he only became suspicius as the black and white imposter sashayed away crying out " My name is Pepe Le do you do !!!" "Come with me Mon Cherie to the Catsbah !!" and thus the below cat-astrophe !!!

Evidently some well educated bird brains in this group !!
Below I believe to be some former UN trannies protesting the harassment of naturalized US Birds with the implementation of the Parrot Act ! and the useless slaughter of small parrots by the MEOW CHOW CAT FOOD COMPANY of China in the City formerly known as Peking where centuries of specialty cooking of Ducks , almost exterminated and placed the birds on more then one endangered spices menu !! The entree spread across the entire Chinese takee outee chain and spread by a delivery system , only rivaled by the most noted Avian killer of all time , Codename: The Colonel; who un-like the swine lovers of Smithfield and Langley, Virginia.....had held up in the hills of Kentucky or Kansas. His diabolical scheme to create a hy-bird form of Kentucky bluegrass and tobacco ,crossed with a drug known for taking people over the rainbow; so they wouldn't have to be Jayhawks (an Evian water bird) at the diner and thus venturing into lower staff positions on the front lines of service.He then planned to mix in whatever sinsemilia he could, bragging to his telecommunication and oil delivery CEO's , he was using Maui WoWi , in a formula to cure anorexia,alcholism,barbituate abuse,insomnia,winos,rummies and cataracts......with this his true plan of world domination,would be lunched on an unsuspecting planet.There was his Perrot plan of sorts,ready to spread its wings!!!

The above cat is said to be reading the script for the role as one of the felines , to be cast , in the TV commercials for the following new brand of cat & kitty foods. Rumor has it he beat out Morris ( #13) the cat , Salem from Sabrina and that darned cat , from the re-make ! The Wizard was just kidding , he's really reading a menu that features some gourmet treats for his kind of pedigree.......and below are a couple of the new dishes.....he's dining at the Persian Room in NYC 'S THE PLAZA HOTEL......He prefers its quantity of stray cats in the 42nd street to CENTRAL PARK and upper-East side (where he once did a menage et trois ,with a couple of Siamese twins ! But then again the Hudson River felines have that fishy smell he knows and loves !!!

The guy with the Parrot Head King is called Parrot Bill and above his or the parrot's....guess it depends on who you ask ???

A canidate for worst album cover.....that story is further down.....Do you know how to tell a female parrot from a male one ???
Are these emoticons or Pac-Man look alikes ??
Can you tell yet ?
The Wizard has even found the Parrot Lady of Oahu !!
"watch where you're crappin' you Tucan....only one can here ! "
Buy you're own parrot outfit here ^^^ see link to shop.....its for the birds !
and all you who enjoy animal husbandry !!
"How about some beak !"......the only time the female parrot stops talkin' !!!
" Edge, what's an edge....only Columbus I know is that statue we shit on in the Zocala , amigo !!!
Hey, whose nuts ? or Yooo ! Dude , leave my stash alone !!!

MAD JACK just sent this ^ silly one !
I hope all my lady friends have a sense of humor , or you can all go skwaaakk yourselves !!

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